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delawareonline | Wilmington Blogs:Second Takes | The News Journal

Governing Magazine reports that perhaps the best people to replace retiring Baby Boomers on the job are other Baby Boomers looking for work.

There’s evidence to suggest that a good number of today’s retirees will want the work. For one thing, some will have no choice but to earn extra income. That’s partially because of what’s happened to their 401(k)s recently. It’s also because Americans are living longer lives, leading many to work later into life than has been considered normal in the past.

What’s more, many baby boomers simply view retirement differently than their parents did. They don’t want to just play golf and live a life of leisure; they want to engage in purposeful new challenges, whether it’s through volunteering, working part-time jobs or launching what Marc Freedman calls an “encore career.” Freedman is the founder of Civic Ventures, a think tank devoted to aging issues. He says a growing number of seniors see a sweet spot at “the intersection of continuing income and meaningful work.”

I’m probably biased, but it sounds like a good idea. Except for one thing: Where are those jobs?

via delawareonline | Wilmington Blogs:Second Takes | The News Journal.


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Open Letter to President-Elect Obama from a University President

Don Kassner, President of Andrew Jackson University writes:

“Former lifelong educator and business guru Peter Drucker, quoted in Forbes several years ago, said “Today’s buildings [college facilities] are hopelessly unsuited and totally unneeded.” He further commented, “colleges won’t survive as residential institutions.” Drucker predicted the Internet would change the way students learned, and the evidence continues to build that Drucker was right.”

I agree with Don and, of course, Peter Drucker is right, again.

Digital classrooms are more efficient forms of knowledge distribution.  Check it out


“The purpose of a business is to create a customer” -Drucker

What if Universities switched from Ivory Towers to Salt and Pepper Towers?  The perfect place for boomers to get out of the way, live cheap, start new careers, launch new social enterprises.. all born in the dorms, by us darn boomers.

via Open Letter to President-Elect Obama from a University President.

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