Our growing education gap

Our growing education gap.

We continue to work hard at correcting the wrong thing. We ask “who will provide the necessary tax base to care for an aging population?” Baby boomers need to take care of themselves, preventing the social burden, by retooling in relevant occupations, and working longer. The already well educated, intelligent, baby boomers(1946-1964), need to remain functional in today’s economy of knowledge work.  The myth of retirement at 65, was made when people were only expected to live to 62.  If we live to 90, retirement should be at begin at 88.  At 51, with an engineering degree and an MBA and 30 years of manufacturing experience, I am totally obsolete, “but I’m not dead yet”, and I need to retool, in an industry, at a the competitive employment cost, in location where I am needed. A university lifestyle, teaches people to live frugally, and boomers need to do so now, rather than “vote” for a handout from the next generation. https://universitylifestyle.wordpress.com/


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