ABC News: Colleges Hope to Boost Sagging Graduation Rates

We continue to look at doing more of the same wrong things! We are not using our national “Human Capital” properly!Baby Boomers(1946-1964) should return to college, full time, in inter generational classrooms to retool, and start new careers for the next 30 years, now that they live to 90, not 65. The $20K/year, (total cost) to attend in state public universities is not a severe financial burden to a 50 year old, with 25 years of home equity, 401K savings and a part time job. It might even be a low cost option, by right sizing, reducing wasted energy, getting out of the way and creating opportunities for younger people to move up the ladder, while reducing employers costs. There are 78M baby boomers, 50% are divorced, 40% completed college, many are single, empty nesters, and are not sandwiched by parent dependents. Many, have become obsolete and irrelevant ( because we don’t need farmers and manufacturers anymore) We do need knowledge workers, in education, health care, government and non profits. These people are too old for hard labor jobs building bridges and roads, from an infrastructure, new new deal economic stimulus package, but they could be good teachers, administrators, urban planners, etc. These boomers, might even add their redirected, upgraded brain power to perform the knowledge work that society needs. They might even add some real world, experiential perspective to improve the quality of the classroom experience. . When boomers re-graduate, they will have to work at the going starter rates, the same as the young kids and not expect to be paid for our irrelevant past experiences. We will have to work on the age discrimination stuff. If we can create fully functioning 60-70-80 year olds, in knowledge work, children will not have to pay the social entitlement’s burden for a bunch of old foggies golfing on the next generations tax tab. Check my work of art blog out . Yes, I am 51 and plan to walk the talk.

via ABC News: Colleges Hope to Boost Sagging Graduation Rates.


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